The purpose of this site is (i) to get advice and suggestions on continually evolving notes on the foundations of algebraic geometry, and (ii) to serve as a home for the 2014 class I am teaching.

This is not a blog. But WordPress is a convenient way to post and update notes, to get comments, to have conversations, and to have an RSS feed.

In summer 2010, I wrote: “I hope to post about 25 pages of notes for learners (plus additional notes for experts) every fortnight, starting at the end of August 2010, lasting one year.” This is now complete, and I’ll now use this site to continue to update the notes, put out the last few chapters, and serve as the backbone for the 2011-2012 class.

If you feel wish to comment privately, feel free to send me an e-mail. I promise to read it, but I don’t promise to read it soon, and probably won’t have time to respond. In fact, I promise that in general I will update this site (and read comments and emails) only when I have a chunk of time, which happens more rarely than I would like.

See here for more. (See here for more apologies. See these mathoverflow answers for some interesting discussion just before this started.)

My work is partially supported by the National Science Foundation.

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